Examining The Complications Stemming From A Leaky Roof

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Whether or not you know it, your home’s roof is your first line of defense from the elements. When it begins to rain outside, it will be your roof’s responsibility to prevent the water from seeping into your attic. Suffice to say, if the roof fails to do its job, your attic will become a wet mess. When this happens, you will face far worse problems. Below, you will learn more about the complications closely linked to a leaky roof.

Wood Rot

When it comes down to it, the best roofing contractor company on Staten Island will agree that a leaky roof will be immensely problematic. The biggest problem that you will face is wood rot. Wood and water do not mix. As the wood is exposed to water, it will begin to rot and this will cause it to weaken. If your roof’s frame becomes weak, it will no longer be able to support the weight of the roof and this will prove to be an enormously costly repair. Depending on the severity of the problem, you might be able to replace a portion of the roof. If not, you will need to replace everything.

Mold Development

Another thing to remember is that excess moisture can lead to the development of mold. A leaky roof will almost certainly lead to mold growth, unless the problem is fixed almost immediately. Mold remediation is expensive, so it is in your best interest to fix the problem, before it reaches this level.

Damaged Possessions

A lot of homeowners store personal belongings in their attic. A leaky roof could cause these items to become damaged and even destroyed. If you want your old childhood pictures and important documents to remain safe, you should do your best to keep your roof in tiptop shape. As soon as you spot the signs of a leak, you should take action and rectify the problem!

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